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Art and science, with and on behalf of nature


Custom art+science and creative leadership workshops

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Creative experiments, immersions, or retreats within multidisciplinary projects or groups

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Creative development, imagination, and nature-based resilience

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“What is Life? It is a material process, sifting and surging over matter like a strange, slow wave. It is a controlled artistic chaos.”

— Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan (from their book What Is Life?)

Maureen Ryan

About Maureen

Maureen is an evolutionary ecologist, conservation biologist, visual artist, and interdisciplinary teacher and facilitator. For 20+ years she has studied the effects of climate and hydrologic change on amphibians and freshwater wetlands while also co-creating, teaching, and facilitating interdisciplinary spaces. Maureen has a PhD in Population Biology from the University of California Davis; was a David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow at the University of Washington; has a studio practice in painting, printmaking, and mixed media drawing; and is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor. READ MORE