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Forms of Creative Practice

Creative natures: Forms of creative practice and their underlying layers and modes of imagination
Each engagement is custom designed, combining practices and exploring different layers and modes of imagination based on the intentions, desires, boundaries, and context of the person or group. I use the word "imagination" broadly in reference to ways of seeing and participating, and in recognition of the co-existing, complementary lenses each person and group brings to their lives and work.

Artistic Imagination

  • Direct relationship with media and materials
  • Art elements, principles, and ways of seeing
  • Expressive mark-making
  • Observation, abstraction, exaggeration, and emphasis
  • Creative writing and storytelling
  • Mixed media and interdisciplinary arts

Scientific Imagination

  • Powerful questions
  • Creative practice in science
  • Convergence and divergence in science
  • Multidisciplinary collaborative science
  • User-centered creative research design
  • Communicating data and concepts

Nature-Based Imagination

  • Direct engagement with other-than-human nature
  • Nature as partner
  • Ecological autobiography and poetics
  • Insights from other-than-human perception
  • Natural history
  • Collaborative sensing

Embodied Imagination

  • Multi-sensory and somatic imagination
  • Embodied mindfulness practices
  • Personal nature practices
  • Queer natures, imaginations, and LGBTQ+ lenses
  • Sensory natures
  • Embodied histories

Collective Co-Creation

  • Collaborative and human-centered design approaches
  • Inclusive practices and ethical space
  • Inter-, cross-, multi-, trans-disciplinary practices
  • Emergent process
  • Peer creative support
  • Co-creative conservation

Crossroads, Edge + Trickster Imaginations

  • Cross-pollinations
  • Strange juxtapositions
  • Disruptions, deconstructions, and irreverences
  • Shifting placements
  • Creative destruction and chaotic renewals

Imaginal Natures

  • Inner images and landscapes
  • Soulful and mythopoetic stories with nature
  • Deep imagination in partnership with other-than-human nature
  • Dream and shadow imaginations

Ancestral Imagination

  • Cultural practices
  • Ancestral arts and practices
  • Community and chosen family practices
  • Historical imaginations
  • Decolonizing practices
Close up photograph of a swimming trout by Noll Steinweg