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Creative nature: art, science, and their intersections
All engagements are custom designed for the individual or group, drawing from a range of approaches based on the intentions of the work. See tabs below for different kinds of engagements and Forms of Creative Practice for more detail on approaches. Maureen solo facilitates or works in partnership with a diverse collective of colleagues depending on what best serves the group and the work.

Download the full service PDF or learn more below:

Custom art+science and creative leadership workshops


Creative experiments, immersions, or retreats within multidisciplinary projects or groups


Creative development, imagination, and nature-based resilience


Who could benefit from this work?

  • Anyone working with and on behalf of nature 
  • Scientists, artists, and interdisciplinarians 
  • Programs, labs, or multidisciplinary groups seeking customized, non-ordinary creative facilitation, experiments, immersions, and retreats
  • Individuals or groups seeking:
    • New ways of seeing, sensing, imagining, and creating
    • Disruptions of the narrowing habits of expertise
    • Creative, exploratory space (eg, during transitions)
    • To invite creative surprise, candor, and submerged views
    • To connect with deeper heartful, soulful, joyful creative reserves
    • Space to encounter nature-within in relation to nature-surrounding


  • Science: Identifying and deepening creative practices in science
  • Art: Drawing on science as source material and exploring scientific practices and lenses
  • Art+Science: Drawing on art practices to deepen or experiment with attention and perception within science
  • Art+Science: Inter-, cross-, multi-, and trans-disciplinary workshops, creative interventions, immersions, and experiments
  • Emergent leadership development: At the intersections of individual creativity, leadership skills development, collective and collaborative processes, and multidisciplinary approaches
  • Creative practice and process across scales, disciplines, and contexts
  • Imagination: Exploring the approaches, layers, and forms of imagination and creative practice that feed one's nature and work

“Maureen’s deep knowledge of ecology and the creative process, along with her intuitive ability to listen and understand others add up to a powerful antidote to the stale approaches to science and conservation. Her ability to facilitate and draw out the (sometimes deeply buried) creative side of analytically-minded scientists results in new ways and patterns of thinking that persist long after she has worked her magic.”

— Amanda Kissel, Biologist, US Geological Survey

Close up photograph of an Ensatina Salamander by Maureen Ryan